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Rapper Rich The Kid was caught on camera running from the police as they began getting into an altercation with Offset!

The rapper who livestreamed as police pulled him over with guns drawn and tried to get him to move his hands from the steering wheel so they can get a reason to put some bullets but he refused serving them their tricks was knee deep in trouble!

At such a time you would expect your friends to stick around and at least document what is happening and even try and bring some sense into it but that wasn’t the case with Rich The Kid!

The rapper who was just the other day praising their come up with Offset and how they used to share clothes when they were down and how now they are making their own clothe lines could not stick around!

Rich The Kid was caught on camera running away as sh!t got real for Offset!

It is not clear why RTK was running away but ultimately one would imagine he had on him stuff that he didn’t not want the police getting their hands on!

It could be anything but for the fact that he took off, it was telling!

Anyway, watch the clip below and let us know why you think RTK who probably was the one Offset was picking up before he got into it with the police took off!

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