Rich The Kid Pulled Up At The Late Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store And Cleaned Up The Shelves

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After announcing the most sort after job in 2019, RTK went on to make a stop at the late rap star Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Store and cleaned out the shelves.

Rich The Kid offered $5,000 for any good blunt roller as we exclusively reported and the internet went crazy with all kinds of rollers applying for the job and with others tryna learn the job as quickly as they can so as to apply for it.

Rich The Kid himself says he doesn’t feel like he should be rolling blunts for himself rather concentrate on the most important things like making hits while on tour and you can serve him the smokes if you are the lucky one!

But that aside as I am sure people are bombarding him with all kinds of applications, RTK went to the Marathon Store and cleaned out the shelves in support of NIpsey Hussle who was gunned down on the 31st of March 2019.

The rapper whose Marathon store was one of his brands he was pushing hard in 2019 to just give it a solid foundation is now one of the biggest clothing stores in the world with sales since he died ranging in the 2,000,000 orders and upward!

Nipsey Hussle was a friend to many and many rap stars have pulled up in his store to show him support and cleaned out shelves.

Rich The Kid pull up was special though because he did it at the right time to keep the movement going and to get people to keep streaming down there in support of NIp.

Check out RTK at the shop and if you haven’t made an order, make one today and support Nip and his family and get the name of Nip to keep growing out here!

The marathon continues…

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