Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
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Rappers are getting more woke in recent times and many have praised their changing ways with among others NBA Youngboy revealing that he now holds shares in companies like ‘United Masters’!

Now Rich The Kid apart from dealing with the drama that is he ran from police while they were arresting Offset has come forth to tell on things he is finding out on the investments front!

The rapper known for spending hard dollars on his jewellery says he is no longer going to spend money on diamond iced out watches as they hold no value!

Basically RTK says he thought he was keeping his money safely so he can get it later only to realise that upon trying to resell them they had horribly lost value!

He calls it unpopular opinion on many knowing that fact but few willing to actually acknowledge they were losing money! RTK says he has already had that conversation with his Jeweller and told him he will no longer be buying such watches!

Check out his reaction below and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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