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Rick Ross Called Out For Fake Louis Vuitton Bags But This Is The Second Time

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Rick Ross it would appear he has no luck with Louis Vuitton and when it comes to their brand he should tread carefully.

The rapper found himself in 2009, some 11 years ago in the midst of a scandal after he was called out for wearing fake sunglasses!

Fast-forward and a decade later, the rapper has been called out another time for carrying 3 bags all Louis Vuitton but 2 of those were completely fake and fans even like marked all the differences between the real ones and the fakes he was carrying!

And you won’t even believe it but he was taking these to a private jet! This led to many questions on who was misleading the boss and probably milking every dollar from him in the guise of selling him real Vuitton products since they have realized he has no clue when it comes to this particular brand!

Others feel that this is just how Rick Ross has always moved he is just getting caught because he became slack in covering his tracks!

But Rick ross appeared to have heard the internet and he later posted another video on his Instagram showing him sitting with just one bag that was real of of the other 2 fakes!

Fans reacted by noting that somebody had been fired for misleading the boss. Back on the music side of matters when it comes to the boss, he says that his new album Biggest Boss is 95% done and can’t wait to let his fans in!

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think on the comments below.

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