Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
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Rick Ross was one of prominent people that showed support to Megan Thee Stallion after she was allegedly shot by Tory Lanez who has since come out to deny that he did such a thing!

Tory Lanez as he released his 17 track album mostly punching holes to Megan Thee Stallion’s projection of events around her shooting, went on a quick clap back on every prominent person that showed support to Megan!

While he clapped on most of the industry players on his songs, he appeared to find no space for Rick Ross whom he went after in a tweet!

Or possibly it was a way of showing the boss how menial he considered his support for Megan!

Now sending a tweet, Tory Lanez told Rick Ross that he doesn’t show support for other social courses happening even in his own city and so he doesn’t understand how he is coming out so harshly to criticize him over the Megan story.

I respect u 2 much as a black man to disrespect you in these times, however I went out and marched 9 DAYS STRAIT for Breonna Taylor ..IN YOUR CITY …I didn’t see the “boss” out there once ?…also stop tagging your endorsements in post about her . It’s a poor decision @RickRoss

But Rick Ross responding to Tory Lanez first of pointed out to how he was quick to responding to him and took him ages to respond over Megan’s story!

Then Rick Ross touched on different situations that Tory had raised in his tweet!

Rick Ross pointed out that Tory Lanez actually wasn’t gonna go for any protests in Miami for Breonna Taylor murder agitation for justice but he did because the protest was about to match through his $1,500 a month rental and that is why he had to come out!

Rick Ross then talked about Tory not having deep pockets like he does and questioned his ability to afford anything good in life while noting that he could not even fuel any car he ‘the boss’ drives!

Rick Ross then hopped on phone with unnamed person that he was sending to Tory Lanez to level up his standards and also to stop shooting people!

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