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Everybody has been inventing some type of mask during this crazy time we are living in and some have been hailed for being ingenious while others have just been plain dump!

In comes Rick Ross and while he has been gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’.

The official follow-up to 2019’s Port Of Miami 2 was announced shortly after he went face-to-face against 2 Chainz during Verzuz.

In the current era of the music industry where merch bundles have been boosting, if not completely driving, album sales.

Ross hasn’t necessarily unveiled some huge merch campaign to claim the number one spot, but he did recently share a new product on the MMG line dedicated for the smokers during the pandemic.

Though there have been many studies linking the increased risks of COVID-19 from smoking, it’s hard to determine whether that has made anyone quit.

In fact, certain studies claimed that the use of cannabis increased during the global lockdown.

Ross has now unveiled his innovative new addition to the face mask to assist smokers in their daily consumption during these strange times.

The new MMG mask comes with an extra piece of fabric over the mouth that is removable. Underneath the fabric is a hole big enough to smoke a joint or a blunt out of.

Not sure when they are hitting the market though.

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