Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

Rico Nasty & Asian Doll Rekindle Their Beef With Street Fight Teasing

When you hear female rappers are beefing, you probably turn your mind to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Those two had their time in the spotlight but now, two old enemies are back at it and their beef is fresher than ever with their hands each other’s throats. Asian Doll and Rico Nasty have a rocky history, dunking it out last year in the streets.

Rico Nasty had an amazing campaign in 2019 and she’s set to take over again with her upcoming album. Asian Doll also experienced success, signing to Gucci Mane’s label and working with him several times.

Their beef was recently taken to social media when Rico “liked” a meme about Asian Doll, causing the two to butt heads again.

“I look better then you bitch I am BEAUTIFUL do you hear me,” wrote Asian in response to a post that Rico liked about Asian’s looks. Rico retorted by saying that she’s allowed to laugh at anything she wants before turning on the aggression. “U keep saying ur gonna beat me up but you’re the only one who left the fight with a black eye and leaves all in your hair cause you got fucking dragged,” wrote Rico about their 2018 fight. Somehow, that’s still being discussed. She went on to call Asian an “ungrateful bitch” and to leave her alone.

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