Rita Ora Has Fans Shanking At Her Ibiza Bare Back Bikini Look

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Rita Ora released her new album Phoenix late last year and since then, she’s been cooling out around the world. The pop star is one of the most-followed people on social media, clocking over fifteen million fans on Instagram alone.

With her follower count continuing to grow, Ora knows that she must continue pushing out content that people will engage with.

For years, we’ve known that sex sells and the singer is fully aware that whenever she posts a photo of herself lounging by the water, her likes, comments and shares go through the roof.

This week, she took a “business” trip to Ibiza so she could capture some stunning new pictures for her page and people have surely taken notice. As if she didn’t have time to try on her swimwear before packing, Rita Ora was spotted wearing a bikini set that was just a little too small for her.

The look is almost surely intentional with plenty of under-boob peeking out of her top. Her sculpted stomach was also a big hit with many commenters asking what she does to stay in such great shape.

The gallery of shots shows Rita and her friends on the Spanish island as they enjoyed the sun on their vacation. Rita is definitely still one of the hottest women in the entire world. Check out her new photos below.

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