Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
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Bodycam footage has just been released, showing a team of SWAT officers heading into Breonna Taylor’s apartment following her shooting. The disturbing video shows the officers raiding the apartment, searching every room after Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, had already stepped out and surrendered.

The video starts out with a team of SWAT officers discussing outside of her apartment, preparing to head inside. “The female is supposedly the one that’s shot,” said one of the cops.

The footage then follows the officers inside, providing the first good look inside of Breonna Taylor’s apartment.

We can see the room she was sleeping in, in which the television is still playing a movie or show that she was watching.

Throughout the video, Taylor’s body is blurred out. She was lying dead in the hallway for several minutes as the SWAT team looked through the unit.

About six minutes through, one of the cops checked for a pulse on Taylor, asking if she can hear him before declaring to his fellow officers: “She’s done.”

They also inspect shell casings on the floor, declaring them to be from police weapons after pondering whether they were from Walker’s gun.

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