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Sara Molina Hits Out At 6ix9ine Says He Is Endangering Their Daughter’s Life With His Social Media Shenanigans


Sara Molina has come out to castigate 6ix9ine over his social media shenanigans which she says are endangering their daughter!

Sara started by noting that she felt like 6ix9ine was on a mission, but she was not sure what he thought was the end result of his mission!

She noted how their daughter was being mentioned on social media in 6ix9ine’s dangerous beefs!

Sara Molina was mentioning the case where Kaylab who is King Von’s daughter called their daughter a b*tch but it was after 6ix9ine send her the autopsy image of her late brother King Von.

She goes on to note that she doesn’t F with 6ix9ine and she is wondering why her name keeps coming up whenever 6ix9ine messes up!

But she can’t say that when she was a major feature on the Netflix 6ix9ine Supervillain documentary. Even 6ix9ine noted in the documentary that she will always be a part of her life and the mother of his daughter!

But that notwithstanding she notes that 6ix9ine is non-existent in their lives and his daughter had nothing to do with him!

Sara says if 6ix9ine wants to go out and mess up with his life, that should be his business and it should have nothing to do with her or their daughter!

She went on to ask people to respect her and her daughter!

She says she doesn’t see things ending in a good place with 6ix9ine and so she is preparing for any outcome for herself and her daughter!

6ix9ine said in the Supervillain documentary that if he dies today he would attain legendary status and so Sara could have a point there that Tekashi 69 is living dangerously hoping to die at the peak of his career so he can become a martyr.

Sara says Tekashi 69 is on a road to self-distraction, and she can’t help him but wants people to remember they have nothing to do with him and so they keep them separated from any beef they have.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of her view point in the comments down below.

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