Sara Molina never holds back when it comes to blasting 6ix9ine the father of her daughter whom she accuses of being a deadbeat.

Sara took to her IG live to respond to reports that she had denied the rapper a chance to be with his daughter over the Christmas.

According to Sara, 6ix9ine cut out their daughter out of his life for no apparent reason and the last time he showed interest in seeing her was in September 2020.

Sara in her live said that 6ix9ine had totally not been a part of taking care of their daughter and she has been doing everything but when he feels like he wants to see her, he just pops up out of nowhere demanding for her!

Sara says she has reservations as to why she did not consider his safe for her daughter to take off and be with the rapper at his house.

She says that since Tekashi 69 came home, he has been living carelessly and doing everything wrong for a responsible father.

She says the rapper has been getting into beefs, going to strip clubs and getting into altercations that could easily go wrong and yet he wants to have their daughter over, who is going to be taking care of her?

Sara says even Tekashi 69’s mother is disgusted by him and she even spend Christmas with them in their house and she just left and did not want to go to his house.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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