SCAM ALERT: Watch Out For The FAKE “Ranked Most Annoying Instagram User” DM Being Send Around

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There is a new scam in town and it is all based on getting you to lose your Instagram account and this how they are doing it!

You first receive a DM from a random account or from another of your close associates account or people you follow that have already been hacked telling you that;

@username WTF you’re actually ranked on this most annoying instagram user list. Someone put you there. You are currently ranked 30. It’s really messed up. You can even see who added you there. Click on the link below.

When you click on the supposed link, it sends you to a fake login page where if you put in your login details to see the purported ranking. Then the hackers have access to your account and can login and change your password and lock you out of your account!

It appears for now that Instagram is fighting off the hackers by putting them on their security list protected by cloud-flare which then protects you from accessing their fake pages.

But be careful. If you are entered your information in any of their pages then change your password. If you have been redirected to error page you should be fine.

Happy browsing.

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