December 7, 2021

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Selena Gomez Mother Was Told She Had ‘Days To Live’ Amid Pneumonia Double Infection

Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez’s mother, has survived a near-fatal attack of double pneumonia owing to the efforts of “miracle” physicians.

In a series of Instagram posts over the weekend, Teefey, 45, said that she had been informed she had days to live. She shared photographs of herself in the hospital when she was battling for her life.

In addition, she said, “I had miraculous doctors [sic] and love from my family and friends to keep me going.” “I put up a fight. My friends and I battled, and I was one of the lucky ones who got it out alive.”

Teefey revealed the circumstances of her health crisis after being subjected to “personal assaults” over her physical looks in a picture session for Entrepreneur magazine that was published on Nov. 18. Teefey’s story was included in the magazine’s November issue.

“I gained 60 pounds as a result of the virus, as well as inflammation,” she said, adding, “I had absolutely no business being at a picture session.”

At the time of the session, Teefey revealed that she had just been out of the hospital for a little more than two weeks at the time of the photoshoot, which she participated in wearing a leather skirt and a black turtleneck top.

Although Teefey had just recovered from what could have been a life-threatening illness, she seemed energetic and cheerful in a behind-the-scenes video from the picture session that she posted to Instagram last week.

To her followers, Teefey expressed her gratitude for simply being alive, despite the constant criticism she has received concerning her weight gain.

“I’m in good health, and I’m going to work on myself at my own speed,” she explained. “This is a miracle that I am here, and I couldn’t care less if it means I’m a 16 rather than an 8.”

The cover story of Entrepreneur magazine featured Teefey and Gomez promoting their impending “Wondermind,” a “mental fitness ecosystem” built by the mother-daughter combination and The Newsette creator, Daniella Pierson.

Gomez, who is 29 years old, has yet to make a public statement on her mother’s near-fatal illness.

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