Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Show Promoter Targets Tyga’s Expensive Jewellery After The Rapper Failed To Pay Him $111K

Tyga could lose his expensive jewellery, cash and other properties to a new promoter who won a $111,000 against him.

Z Entertainment filed a motion asking a judge to allow Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s departments to confiscate some of his personal valuables to pay off an outstanding $111,000 judgement, according to reports.

The 29-year old star was ordered to pay the debt after he failed to respond to the initial lawsuit that claimed he breached its contract.

According to legal documents, Tyga signed a contract with the promoter to perform at Body English in Las Vegas in 2015 for $25,000. Part of the deal stipulated that he couldn’t perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before the concert and a month after.

It’s called a radius clause, and it’s common. Z Entertainment argued Tyga breached the contract when got up on stage at another venue in Vegas the night before his scheduled gig at Body English.

The company sued him and won the $111K default judgement because Tyga didn’t show up for court. The promoter wants the two sheriff’s departments to be able to enter the rapper’s homes and take some of his valuables to cover what he owes.

The Compton, California native has been known for flash expensive jewellery over the years. The outstanding judgement is just the latest in a long list of legal woes for Tyga.

In 2012, he was sued by two women who claimed he had shown their nipples in his Make It Nasty video without their consent. The following year another woman from the video made similar accusations in her suit.

Tyga faced another lawsuit in 2013 for not returning two loaned pieces of jewellery worth about $91,000 to a Beverly Hills jeweller. Most recently, singer/songwriter Pretty Maw filed a suit in January claiming Tyga’s song Swap Meet has elements of her tune, 17th.

And just this week, Tyga dropped his $10 million lawsuit against Birdman after he accused the Cash Money founder of not paying him royalties from the albums Careless World and Hotel California after they parted ways in 2016.

Cash Money previously denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

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