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Sir David Attenborough Hauls 1 Million Followers On Instagram In 4 Hours Breaking Jennifer Aniston’s Record

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British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has taken the title from actress Jennifer Aniston for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram.

Sir David’s very first Instagram post was a piece to camera where he said:

“I am making this move and exploring this new way of communication to me because, as we all know, the world is in trouble … Over the next few weeks, I’ll be recording messages to explain what the problems are and how we can deal with them.”

At 94 years old and just 4 hours and 44 minutes into being on the social media platform, Sir David reached a million followers, according to Guinness World Records.

His current following, as of Saturday morning, is 3.5 million followers. Previous record holder, Aniston, reach one million followers in 5 hours and 16 minutes.

In her first post, which was a selfie with her fellow Friends cast members, she wrote “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM.”

Other previous Instagram record holders include:

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at five hours 45 minutes in April, 2019
  • Kang Daniel, South Koren K-Pop star at 11 hours 36 minutes in January, 2019
  • Pope Francis at 12 hours in March, 2016
  • David Beckham at 24 hours in May, 2015
  • Sir David was welcomed by many fans on his first post.

Tennis player Andy Murray commented: “Welcome to Instagram Sir David!”

The European Space agency wrote: “This is what Instagram needs! Here’s our warm Instagram welcome, @davidattenborough!”

The Wildlife Trusts commented: “Welcome, Sir David Instagram is a better place for having you here.”

Sir David’s bio on his Instagram account says: “Stories from David Attenborough and the team behind A Life On Our Planet. Managed by the filmmakers.”

The documentary, A Life On Our Planet is a first-hand account, “of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations,” Sir David’s website said.

It will also look back at his broadcast career spanning over six decades. The film will be available in cinemas on September 28 and will be released on Netflix on October 4.

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