January 24, 2022

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Snoop Dogg Opens Up About How He Was Frustrated As He Sought To Buy Death Row Records

Before the release of his new album, Algorithm, Snoop Dogg chatted with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, divulging tidbits about his personal life.

When it came to his great career and the songs that helped him become the hip hop legend he is today, Snoop Dogg was generous with his wisdom.

Snoop made a daring comment when the subject turned to his former record company, Death Row Records.

Hip hop star Doggystyle has stated that he was “qualified to run Death Row from the ground up,” and that no one else was more suited to do so.

The West Coast icon revealed he first sought to buy Death Row and then ended up signing up with Def Jam Recordings instead after that failed attempt.

For the CEO position at Death Row Records, he said, “I started hunting for this job because I wanted to take over the merchandising and rerelease their songs.”

“EOne Music, who controlled Death Row Music until April 2021, refused to provide me any action on the matter, which was disappointing for me. So I inquired if I could purchase it. Moreover, they appeared to be unwilling to sell it. After that, they sold it.”

Snoop Dogg claimed he felt betrayed after eOne Music sold Death Row Records to the Blackstone Group, and he realised he had to find a new outlet for his creative energy.

“In spite of my pain, the businessman in me said: “Fine,” and moved on with the task of finding a use for this energy I’ve been hoarding. In spite of the fact that Def Jam didn’t have a CEO and that I didn’t want to be CEO, I wanted to be in a position of consultation and creative” he commented.

“Think Death Row Records—movies, merch and TV/catalog—and I was thinking about that. There was a murder case involving The Chronic, Doggystyle, and myself. Everything I was going to do, I just inverted it and said, ‘Def Jam is larger and better than Death Row in any muthafucking way.’ To find out what’s going on in his life narrative, I dialled LL Cool J.”

Because of the absence of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight (who is now serving a prison sentence), Snoop was hired by Def Jam in June and would seem to be a natural choice to lead Death Row Records at the time.

His 19th studio album has been released, and he has played an important part in signing Benny the Butcher to Def Jam.

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