December 7, 2021

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Soulja Boy Explodes In A Rant Over YE Saying His ‘Donda’ Verse Was ‘Trash’

The responses to Kanye West’s Drink Champs keep coming in, and now it’s Soulja Boy’s turn.

When addressing his peers, West did not hold back, frequently making disparaging remarks about them. He claimed that singing Big Sean to G.O.O.D. was the worst decision he ever made.

In music, he called Sean Combs and John Legend “sell-outs” for opposing his presidential run, he called Just Blaze a “copycat” for his The Blueprint production on Jay-coveted Z’s album, and he ruffled Soulja Boy’s feathers when addressing Donda.

Soulja famously raged after Donda was released and he discovered that the verse he wrote for the album was not included on the record.

Kanye casually stated on Drink Champs that he removed Soulja because the verse was “trash.”

Not to be outdone, Soulja Boy took to Livestream to respond angrily to Ye’s remarks about his abilities.

“You should have texted me that and said that verse wasn’t good,” Soulja said.

“Don’t get on any motherf*ckin’ public platform and say anything other than what you told me to my face. Tell me straight to my face!”

Soula continued to hold up his phone to the camera in an attempt to show that Kanye told him his “verse was hard” after verbally exploding for a bit longer with insults about West’s new haircut.


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