T.I Goes Ballistic On TMZ Causing Them To Run Apologising And Retracting A Story About The Rapper’s Late Sister

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T.I single highhandedly shutdown TMZ and made them retract their story before apologising to him after they revealed the cause of his late sister’s death.

The rapper had been triggered by a story the tabloid did about his sister revealing the cause of her death to the public. T.I was of the opinion that his sister was no celebrity to warrant headlines and should have been left to rest in peace regardless of what killed her.

TMZ had talked about the medical examiner’s conclusions that the rapper’s sister died from Cocaine overdose which triggered high blood pressure leading to complications and her to OD in the end.

The rapper felt that the tabloid was profiting from people’s pain and noted that they have in the past distracted families process of grieving with their ridiculous headlines about their loved ones.

T.I then called for boycott of the tabloid and banned them from anywhere near his family expeditiously! LOL!

He even went as far as promising Harvey the owner of TMZ that he will go digging about his family and find something he doesn’t want the public to know and give him a treat of his own medicine!

TMZ quickly retracted the story and apologised to the rapper and his family before pilling all kinds of praise on the rapper’s sister.

Check out the video below of T.I going off on TMZ and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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