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T.I. Responds To Black Couple Profiled At UMI Atlanta; ‘You Are Attacking Me While Am Fighting For You’

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Rapper T.I. has responded to the Atlanta couple profiled at UMI after they called him out for holding a meeting with the UMI owner and orchestrating what they have referred to as half-baked apology!

The couple argue that T.I. put himself in the middle of their problematic visit at UMI where they were racially profiled for the husband wearing sneakers to the outfit!

They say that they were kicked out and insults bordering the color of their skin levelled against them!

According to an Instagram post made by Kaylan Colbert. Colbert and her husband were going out to dinner for her birthday when they were asked to leave over her husband’s wardrobe.

The husband, who is Black, was wearing black pants, a beige sweater along with white Air Force 1s.

Wearing tennis shoes is allegedly against the restaurant’s dress code, however, a white customer, who was served respectfully was not asked to leave for wearing her Adidas.

“We’re being kicked out because he’s wearing tennis shoes,” says the woman recording the incident, who added that they were set up with a 5:15 p.m. reservation. As one of the workers tries to move the couple outside, the man can be heard telling one of the employees, “She’s got on Adidas.”

The employee, who appears to be Asian, responds, “I’m more than happy to help you outside,” but the man interjects and says, “She has on Adidas.”

The woman then chimes in and says, “We can leave at this point.” The woman adds that the restaurant has apparently just created this “new rule” about shoes.

Later in the video, the man insists that the employee looks at the other customer that has on tennis shoes. The employee can then be heard saying,

“I get what you’re saying. I get where you’re coming from, but, please we’re all minorities, here.” The man responds, “Y’all are not treating me like y’all are a part of me…white lady has on Adidas, I have on Nikes, you tell me I can’t sit down. That’s not right.”

The couple says after all this, T.I. who never once reached out to them then proceeded to threaten the outfit with a protest and then was approached however he was and without letting them know about anything purported to receive apology on behalf of them!

According to them, the meeting between T.I. and the UMI owner did not touch on what they went through, how they felt, what happened to them and how they were going to get justice.

They say it rather took a different turn and tackled other issues and the UMI owner coloring his image with what he has done for black people!

However T.I. has come forward with a response to the couple claiming that they are attacking him while he is out here fighting for them!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below! And if you missed what the couple had to say about T.I. you can find it here!

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