T Pain Says His Manager Burned Through $40 Million Leaving Him Broke With Zero Dollars In The Bank And Had To Borrow To Buy His Kids Burger

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It is not everyday that you hear a rapper open up about their woes in the success front and especially if they involve losing money but in comes T Pain and he is ready to speak!

The rapper was attending a Breakfast Club interview with Charlamagne and Dj Envy when discussion about his success and money management took center stage.

The rapper says he was totally rich at the height of his career with his Bank account so fat he thought he will never ever have to see a bad day in his life ever again!

Well that did not take long before the money he had worked so hard for non stop according to him with heavy cost of his family being complete strangers to him was all lost!

He says he gave access to his wealth, the keys to his manager who he says was very optimistic in the real estate business and went buying all buildings that were rejects and his theory was that if he paints them then they can quickly flip them for a profit the TV style!

The only problem was he says none of those houses ever sold and all were in the wrong places of neighbourhoods were real people with real money would never have wanted to put their money in!

He says the investments in Florida turned bad and the manager sort of left him in the dark and continued to sink his bank account and when he got to find out, it was very late with $40 Million down the drain!

He says he was so broke and doing so bad such that he had to borrow to buy his kids burger kings. It had gotten so bad that his accountant informed him he was gonna lose the house if he doesn’t come up with a plan.

Now due to poor interviewing skills an entire team of 3 and a whole production team behind them and a producer, nobody remembered to ask him what happened to the manager.

But there is one thing, T Pain does indicate that he has since found his footing once again and gotten smarter and is comfortably back in the books of millionaires.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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