Tank Tells Kodak Black To Fix His Disrespect For Nipsey Hussle Or It Messes His Bag At Atlantic Records

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Tank is not playing with Kodak Black and did not clap back at him over his disrespecting of Nipsey Hussle but went a step further.

The singer told Kodak Black off and told him he was messing up things. He added there were many factors at play here not only that Kodak was pissing off those who love Nipsey and his family but also that he was messing up his business.

Tank reminded Kodak Black that he does business with Atlantic Records referring to the label as (us) and told him that if he did not correct this that bag could be at risk.

He told Kodak Black that he should have listened to the guy next to him telling him it’s too soon or the other guy telling him that he shouldn’t have said those things at all.

Kodak has not responded to Tank directly and it would  be interesting to see what he has to say on this one.

A rep for Kodak Black did not return our request for a comment immediately.

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