Teairra Mari Claims She Ended 50 Cent Career And “Who Would Have Thought She Would Be The One To!”

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Teairra Mari is back at it and claims that she ended 50 Cent career and then wonders; “who would have thought she would be the one to!”

After releasing a Fif diss yesterday, the reality tv star appears to have grown bold since 50 Cent went silent and she is claiming her victory lap!

In her statement she ranted about Fif buying too expensive sunglasses and called the move dumb before telling the rapper he can’t buy class! She continued to dig in on the rapper pointing out to him that he was now 43 and he needed to grow up!

She basically told Fif off for spending his money unwisely. She actually told him he could go build a school or something like that before pointing that yes there was serious matters at hand that they both could be dealing with instead of beefing and added that she hates the going back and forth and then dropped the bombshell about ending his career!;

“Ur goofy ass would spend 22k on some dumb ass shit like this 😩 U can’t buy class Curt ..Ur 43 grow up 🤦🏽‍♀️ #IAINTGOTIT 🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess u do?? SO GO BUILD A SCHOOL U MORON ‼️Serious shit is going on I hate 2 go back&forth but some1 should’ve ended this Imposters career a long time ago..Who would have thought it would’ve been me??? I guess Detroit Birthed u so Detroit finishes u too #GETTHESTRAPON YOUR DONE & 🛑Stop peddling that fake ass.”

But personally I think that this lass is biting more than she can chew! I mean I can see the move to make the money off the clout she is getting from Fif’s name drops but then she about to get it rough with this guy ask Floyd!

I mean I think Teairra just declared herself Fif’s enemy officially and now Fif is gonna go hard on her! You see I think initially Fif was just going in on her as someone who can be trolled but just for the fact that she has proved she can bite back, I think it’s about to level up!

But don’t @ me because what do I know. By the way what did you think of her diss track aimed at Fif? “I ain’t got it?!” I think it was lame as hell! How do you diss someone and you are singing about it! LOL! Fif about to bring hell on this one with an address tag on it!

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