Teresa Giudice Said To Be Struggling As Her Hubby Joe Giudice Continues To Stay Locked Up In ICE custody

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Teresa Giudice is having a hard time as her husband Joe Giudice is in ICE custody potentially awaiting deportation, according to her brother, Joe Gorga.

She breaks down to me,’ Gorga, 39, told Us Weekly about his sister, 46. ‘It’s just very, very hard. The family is going through a very tough time right now.’

Gorga said that the Real Housewives of New Jersey beauty is putting ‘up a good front,’ and doing her best for her four daughters with Joe: Gia, 18, Gabriella, 14, Milania, 13, and Audriana, nine. 

Joe last fall appealed a judge’s order to deport him to Italy, where he was born, after he wrapped up a 41-month prison sentence.

‘She just has to keep it strong for those for little girls,’ Gorga said. ‘The girls are having it rough also. They’re really struggling.’ Gorga said that his relationship with his sibling ‘is very tight right now’ amid the family crisis.

Teresa’s brother said Joe Giudice is ‘in a tough spot right now’ as he’s in ICE custody following his March release from prison.

‘ICE took him over – and he’s miserable,’ he said. ‘He’s in a really bad spot. He’s locked up in a jail cell with bars. The other facility that he was at, he wasn’t in a jail cell.

‘So he’s having a very, very hard time, and he really wants to get out. The guy is just in misery.’ Teresa has stated she will remain in the U.S. regardless of what happens, which her brother supports.

‘I believe she’s making the right decision for her and for her girls,’ he said. ‘If he’s deported, she’s not going to go to Italy. She’s not going to move her children. It’s just that there’s nothing to do in Italy.

‘There’s no jobs; the best you can do is work in a restaurant or work in a gas station. It’s very difficult in Italy.’ Joe said that Joe Gorga speaks with his wife and daughters ‘almost every day’ amid the difficult time.

‘Believe it or not, he could call as many times as he wants,’ Gorga said. ‘It’s crazy. I mean, if he wants to call 30 times a day, he can. So they talk a lot. They haven’t seen him yet but I know they’re planning to go.’

Gorga said the family remains fighting an uphill battle amid the fallout of past legal woes stemming from Teresa and Joe’s 2014 fraud convictions.

‘Imagine your life’s on hold for five years,’ he said. ‘You don’t know what’s going on. It’s hard. You’re paying attorney bills and constantly bills, bills, bills and you try to catch up on the old tax bills and it’s just life. Life is very hard for them.’ 

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