The Girl Who R. Kelly Paid In 2008 And Refused To Testify Against Him Has Now Testified Against Him In front Of A Jury

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R Kelly is in deep waters that nothing seems to be working to save him this time as opposed to 2008 when he walked out of court a free man and with such gusto it shook America.

Apparently then the only reason he was able to walk was because the girl who would have helped to convict him refused to testify and only because R. Kelly is said to have then allegedly paid her $2 million.

The state court was cornered by a well groomed and financially muscled R. Kelly with minimal budget and very few officers to undertake the case it was a done deal.

Fast forward to today and R. Kelly has been met by his own match! Except they came calling when he was already allegedly broke and drained in debts.

The FBI are said to be leading this investigation, well groomed, financially muscled and ready to challenge R Kelly’s deep pockets. In quoting those who know the operation that has been crowned as grand!

The FBI will not be outmatched in money spend to see R Kelly locked up. In other words it is a done deal for R Kelly that no matter how much he spends or how far and wide he tries to reach the FBI will be there hand in hand with him!

R Kelly being arrested and getting locked and the FBI even going as far as demanding he be kept in solitary and with no access to anything except a phone for a few minutes per week is one of the ways they handle such a fugitive of the law highly ranked as R Kelly.

Everything is being done in line with the law but under every clause that allows for R Kelly to be treated worse than even El Chapo. The officers who undertook the investigation involving El Chapo and ensured his conviction are the same that are in charge of R Kelly case.

They are said to have tracked this girl down and convinced her to move against R Kelly. But to avoid confusion, they took her in front of a jury and had her tell her story of what happened between her and R Kelly back then.

She told her story and gave names that can collaborate her story and those people are said to have already been located put in safe houses and will testify against R Kelly.

In addition they have also ensured those people that helped him before to cover up and pay high ranking officials thousands of dollars were long arrested and charged in court with helping R Kelly to avert justice long before they even moved on him.

In other words, R Kelly was the last play on the chess board and when they moved on him it was with precision and to put him away for good!

R Kelly was presented before court and the evidence handed over to the judge convinced him that he was too dangerous for bail and hence he was locked up indefinitely!

It could be years before his case even begins to be discussed for a start date. He will wait locked and in solitary and only a judge can alter that!

This means R Kelly has no means to make money or a living which translates to him being pushed into a corner where he cannot organise for the best legal representation or for any type of crazy activity to avert justice this time round.

All those millions and millions he made during his long career? Between child support payments, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in a costly divorce settlement and, according to prosecutors, money he paid to find and keep young girls and prevent what he is doing with them from becoming public, Kelly is pretty much broke.

The federal indictments in New York and Chicago accuse Kelly of kidnapping and coercing women and girls into having sex, producing and receiving child pornography, inducing minors to engage in sexual activity, and taking part in a conspiracy worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover up sex crimes going back decades.

It only begs the question, is this really the end of Kellz? Discuss below.

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