December 7, 2021

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The Internet Is Comparing Soulja Boy Outfit With That Of Young Dolph Killer

The killer may have intentionally or not re-enacted Soulja’s look while executing Dolph!

The world today is run by the internet and many have perfected the use of internet to serve their own agendas, plot twists and intentions!

Young Dolph is still shaking the world with his untimely death in the hands of unknown masked men who used guns to take his life in the most senseless way possible.

The rapper who as we reported before was running an errand to get his mother cookies from Makedas was gunned down at the shop.

Fast forward and the cops released images of those they allege curried out the heinous act and then things took a turn!

In what appears to be a plot twist of some sort, the internet police found out that one of the killers intentionally dressed up like Soulja Boy in one of his Instagram viral posts looks!

The killer copied everything from the cap, pants, hoodie and it’s emblem and it appears it was to put Soulja Boy in a awkward position as if he was the one carrying out the murder!

But safe to say Soulja was nowhere near Memphis at least the plot twist appears to be doomed!

Although many have said the man may have dressed up like Soulja Boy from his February 2019 post on his Instagram to send him a message that he picking up after his bounty of $100K that he had placed on Adolph!

At the time of going to press, Soulja Boy had not commented on the viral discovery of his outfit look being used in the sickening event although he had a lot to say about him being left out of the line up performing this weekend in Memphis on the Millennial tour!

Check out the outfit below and let us know what you think on the comments down below. Is the internet reaching with this alleged matching outfit of the killer and Soulja Boy’s look from the archives or there is a plot twist going on!

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  • Soulja Boy Young Dolph: GETTY
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