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The Internet Is Noticing Trump Was Gasping For Air Upon Return To White House From Hospital

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While Trump continues his campaign to project himself as the superhuman who walked away from Covid-19, many are quick to say he ain’t fooling them!

When he got back to White House as we reported, Trump ripped off his mask and went on to pose like a movie star and action star for that matter while saluting the marine 1 as it left White House!

But many are noting how they noticed he was gasping for air while trying to remain calm for the televised take off!

It could be the stairs had taken a toll on him while he was going up to wave the Marine 1 from the balcony!

Or still it could be as the doctor stated he ain’t out of the woods yet and he might still be having troubles breathing and needing Oxygen at times!

But White House won’t reveal that information apart from noting that since he tested positive, he needed Oxygen before he was transferred to hospital!

You could argue that Trump is in safe hands at White House with his doctor and any other specialist he might need but the man needs to slow down and focus on improving his health instead of being on the move as if nothing was wrong with him!

But according to sources, Trump won’t listen and is focused on winning the elections and remaining the President with all the trappings of power!

I mean can you blame the man? Watch the video below and let us know on the comments down below what you think of his gasping of breath and do you think he is messing his health around by being all out as if everything was okay?

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