December 7, 2021

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‘The Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Kelly Dodd Calls Lala Kent A ‘Whack Job’

Kelly Dodd, a former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” is again on the prowl for another reality star Lala Kent, this time insulting her on social media for just ending her engagement to her fiancé.

“There’s no way a man would put up with that jerk!” Dodd erupted on Instagram on Monday in reaction to a remark about Kent that he found offensive. “No one could stand being around her!”

Dodd, 46, and Kent, 31, had been exchanging insults on social media for the past three months, and this was just the latest in a string of attacks.

The disagreement began in July when Dodd, seemingly without provocation, labelled Kent “an idiot beyond the pale” on social media.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Kent, who has never been on the same programme as Dodd, instantly responded to Dodd’s tweet by bringing up a recent incident in which Kent donned a cap that some saw as an insult to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Kent is a member of the Bravolebrity family.

“Coming from a lady who wore a hat that said ‘Drunk Wives Matter,’ the fact that you think I’m an idiot is the highest compliment I could receive.” “Thank you very much, darling,” Kent wrote in response to the message.

Both reality stars appeared to be at odds following the social media back-and-forth, and Dodd continued to provide her two cents about Kent’s personal life after the incident.

Dodd retweeted news on Kent’s breakup with Randall Emmett in mid-October, adding the remark, “I predicted it!!” A gif of Will Ferrell’s character from “Wedding Crashers” laughing and exclaiming, “What an idiot!” was also included. Oh, you’re such a loser!

Kent did not respond to her nemesis’ remark and instead chose to concentrate on rebuilding her life after splitting from her ex-husband and their 8-month-old baby Ocean.

“When I look at that, I think to myself, ‘I would never have Ocean.'” Without my freedom, I wouldn’t be where I am now. On a recent edition of “Give Them Lala… with Randall,” she described how she was feeling as “wonderful.”

Since splitting from her boyfriend, Kent has moved into her own apartment, updated her tattoo from “Rand” to “bRand New,” and renamed her show to just “Give Them Lala.”

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