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They Got Toni Braxton And She Almost Jumped Out Of Her Skin

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It is Toni Braxton’s Birthday and before we go any further, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN! We wish you the best of tidings and many more!

Now the star was in celebratory mood and her sister Towanda Braxton was ready for her and she got her good!

She got woken up with a delivery, her birthday gift wrapped in a tiny box and looking amazing! I mean what do you get a woman who has everything in the world right?

Now Toni woke up and decided let me fresh up first, I need to feel this gift with everything in me fresh! And freshening up she did!

She let running water hit her face, she let morning dew remove every damn wrinkle in her face and as she came out in her lovely gown she was ready all lit up in her face to open up the box!

Without wasting any time she approached the box that seemed to be awkwardly sitting in the bed she had just got out of and staring!

Upon lifting the lid, that is when she knew she had been caught! Butterflies came out flying and petals seemed so eager to fall out!

It was all too much and star jumped off screaming and almost dashed out of the room before the laughter of those in the room with her who knew what was happening, slowed her already kicking adrenaline and she realized OMG! It was a sweet gift!

My sister got me! Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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