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This Is How Much The Funeral Of Chadwick Boseman Will Cost – Black Panther Send Off

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Alexander the Great’s funeral is said to have cost more than $800 million in today’s money.

Los Angeles knows expensive funerals and knows how to plan, execute, and spend on them because L.A. is the city that hosts celebrities, and they live and die there because they know everything will be well handled.

We are closely following the plans to bring Chadwick Boseman to his final resting place and although the family is holding their cards awfully close to their chest, we are getting bits of information here and there.

It is now clear that the family is in final stages of planning for the funeral and apparently they are deciding on how to host a memorial for Chadwick and a private function for his sendoff attended by family and close friends.

We are told that family has been denying people from visiting their home and have since the breaking of the news kept a low profile choosing to mourn their son quietly.

To this end we are told that if all things work out as anticipated the entire funeral program could go as high as $1.5 million or even more depending on how they choose to undertake his last send off!

There is a debate to give him one last lap to let his fans honor him in L.A., we are waiting for the final word.

Nipsey Hussle got such an arrangement put in place where fans got a chance to interact with him as he made a final lap around his city.

We will keep you posted on the information we continue to get as we wait for official communication.

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