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When Nipsey Hussle was regrettably Murdered in broad daylight, the world of Hip Hop shuttered!

But one good thing that came out of the whole bad vibe was Lauren & Nipsey’s son Ermias.

Lauren would make a promise to make Nipsey proud promising to hold his fort together to the end.

Since then Lauren has been taking care of Ermias and he has become such a beautiful boy surrounded by love you can tell from his smiles!

On the Business front, Lauren has turned Marathon Clothing into a multi-million dollar dynasty and continues to grow!

Nipsey never hid how much he loved Lauren or how much he wanted her to learn the ropes of his business and so we are sure he would be so proud of her today and what she has achieved in his absence.

The family we are told is at peace doing very well and continue to celebrate Nipsey.

Check out his son below and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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