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This Is How The Daughter Of Aretha Franklin Victorie Franklin Looks Like

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Some individuals go out of their way to honor the memories of their departed loved ones. And Victorie Franklin belongs to those individuals.

She holds the distinction of being the granddaughter of legendary singer Aretha Franklin.

When the singer who was also known as the “Queen of Soul” died just over two years ago, her granddaughter made sure to commemorate the memories of her grandma in the sweetest feasible way.

For them, the departed singer was not just a singer, but a dear family member.

Victorie fondly recalls the happy memories that she and Aretha had made. To further remember, Aretha, Victorie, had performed a concert that was in tribute to the former.

This touching gesture only shows how much the younger Franklin has doted on Aretha. This is perhaps the reason everybody loves and cherishes Aretha even after her demise.

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