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Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates are celebrating their wedding anniversary and they are head over heels about it!

The couple who are not together in this time did not let interfere with showing each other how much they meant to each other!

Dreka posted their tbt when they had just met all slim and broke and then showcased how they went for some kind of christening of their relationship last year!

It wasn’t long before we knew what Kevin Gates had done to honour the woman in his life!

Kevin send Dreka a good old teddy bear with flowers and some chocolate strawberries and she was mesmerised!

On top of that Kevin had the hotel staff wishing his woman happy anniversary for him and she couldn’t figure out how they had known this except wonder until she got to her room and saw the surprises.

Check out the video below as she showcases what her man organised for her on their day and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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