This Is What Snoop Dogg Had To Say About Nipsey Hussle At His Memorial Service; “For God So Love The World That He Gave Us A Good Crip”

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Snoop Dogg has just paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle, who was remembered during a special memorial service at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Thursday afternoon (April 11).

Eulogising the L.A. rapper, Snoop recalled the hilarious story of the first time he’d listened to Nipsey’s music. He first remembers how impressed he was with the way Nipsey didn’t try too hard to convince him of his greatness when they first met.

A bit later in the recollection, Snoop mentioned the moment he actually first listened to Nipsey’s music.

“I’m rolling up a blunt in the backseat of the car on the CD. I start opening the CD up—the homie know. He know the story already, so I’m just telling y’all,” Snoop said to laughter from the audience. “So I took the CD out, and I popped the CD in [and] I was like, ‘Damn, cuz is hard.'”

Snoop went on to say that that listening session was what led him to want to collab with Nipsey in the first place. From there, a friendship grew.

“Long story short, we ended up connecting, we ended up making music together, we ended up making brotherhood, we ended up creating a bond, we created something that was special,” Snoop said.

Elsewhere in the speech, Snoop describes Nipsey as being his “brother,” a “great man, leader, father, teacher and friend.” The West Coast legend had nothing but kind words to share about his young OG.

Snoop also acknowledged the rapper and his actress girlfriend, who also is the mother of one of his children, Lauren London, for being shining examples of Black love.

“Every time I would see Nip and Lauren out they reminded me of me and my wife,” Snoop said as he stood in front of the packed Staples Center area. “It was like Black excellence.”

Snoop also sent blessings the way of Nipsey’s family. While fighting back emotions at the podium, he thanked both of the artist’s parents for helping to shape and guide;

“the late, great, Neighbourhood Nip.” “I want to thank you mother and father for bringing Nipsey into this world. For giving us Nipsey,” he said to Nip’s grieving mother and father.

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