Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Three Gunmen Opened Fire At Waka Flocka Missing Him By Whisker While In Studio

Waka Flocka is a lucky man!

Three gunmen reportedly opened fire on an Atlanta-area studio that Waka Flocka Flame was recording in on April 4, according to Friday afternoon (April 12) tweets from Channel 2 Action News reporter, Michael Seiden. Thankfully, the Flockaveli rapper was not injured.

According to reports, there were nearly a dozen people in the studio at the time the shooting began. Police have confirmed witness statements that there were three gunmen, but they have still not been identified or apprehended.

When police arrived at the studio, which has been identified as Zac Recording in the northwest area of Atlanta, they were reportedly greeted by two occupants who were also armed. The two occupants then disclosed that their friend had been shot in the arm. It remains unclear whether Waka was the intended target.

Waka, who said he planned to focus less on music and more on family last November, has seemingly commented on the matter noting that he is in full control but everybody else appears nervous!

MM has requested Waka Flocka and his team for a comment on this story.

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