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Tiger Woods Seen Over Speeding From A Hotel & Appeared Impatient Before Car Crash News


Before the car accident in Los Angeles, witnesses say Tiger Woods was apparently speeding from his hotel and appeared to be “impatient.”

As we previously reported, Tiger Woods was critically injured following a single-car crash after exiting from his hotel earlier this afternoon.

Witnesses reported that they saw the athlete driving his SUV very fast and almost crashed into the vehicle of a director who was filming a television show at the hotel.

A member of the production crew said he appeared to be “impatient and agitated” since there was a delay in driving off from the property and sped off once it was over.

Law enforcement sources said Woods was very alert at the crash site and asked first responders to tell his manager to pick up his things.

Officers did not find any drugs or alcohol while investigating.

As we reported before, Tiger is in hospital undergoing surgery. We are awaiting updates on his condition.

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