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Tom Brady Finally Reacts To Bruce Arians Brutal Comments Following His Difficult Debut

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Tom Brady said he is focused on winning games and not Bruce Arians’ critique following a difficult debut for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady made his debut for the Buccaneers last week, but the legendary quarterback struggled in a 34-23 loss to the New Orleans Saints, throwing two interceptions.

The six-time Super Bowl champion, who arrived from the New England Patriots in the offseason, had a pick-six and three sacks against Tampa Bay’s NFC South rivals in Week 1.

Afterwards, Arians said the 43-year-old was at fault for a miscommunication with star wideout Mike Evans and described his throw on a pick-six as a “bad decision”, sparking criticism from past players and pundits.

Brady responded on Thursday and told reporters: “He’s the coach. I’m a player. Just trying to win a game.

“I think it’s a long process of trying to improve in a lot of different areas. I think about being the best I can be and the process I’ve got to go through to make that happen. Every week is a little bit of a different challenge. It starts with great communication and understanding how to win the game and how to lose the game. Being on the same page as my team-mates so we can go and execute. Obviously turning the ball over makes it very difficult to win. If you set yourself back; with penalties, negative plays – pass-game or run-game… It’s a game of scoring points so you’ve got to figure out how to score more points than the other team and there’s been a lot of focus this week about communication and those types of things.”

Brady, who finished 23 of 36 for 239 yards and two touchdowns as the Buccaneers prepare for Sunday’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers, added:

“There’s a lot of black and white in football and there’s a lot of grey. The problem is when there’s too much grey. I thought one thing, he [Evans] thought another. Whoever is right or wrong it doesn’t matter. The reality is bad plays happen, and when and plays happen, you put yourself in a non-advantageous position. So we’ve got to eliminate as much as we can [of]; ‘I thought this, you thought that’, ‘oh, you thought this, I thought that’. One time you’re right and one time you’re wrong. The reality is, the other team can’t come away with the ball. So that’s going to keep us from scoring points, and if it keeps us from scoring points it’s going to keep us from winning games. You keep us from winning games and that’s where the whole issue is. We’re here to win games and that’s why we’re playing football, so. We’ve got to put ourselves in a good position every play to figure out where we’re going to be, so that we can only play with confidence and anticipation. We’ll practice and I think that only leads to great execution. You have confidence in one another, once you have confidence in one another then you can really anticipate making good plays.”

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