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The Tory Lanez Megan Thee Stallion drama continues to get a new twist added to it every waking day! I mean this was supposed to be simple. Megan was shot, somebody pulled the trigger; it’s black and white and we should have a conviction by now!

But that has not been the case since day one! Speculations have been formed online, crazy theories have been presented and police silence on the matter doesn’t help curious people of internet!

On top of that, Megan came out and pointed a finger on Tory Lanez and stated that he shot her!

But it didn’t take long before Tory Lanez who has been charged with possession of a weapon and for shooting Megan, released an entire album poking holes on Megan’s story!

And just when people thought well maybe the saga was getting somewhere, Megan unfollowed her best friend! The one they were with in the SUV when Tory alleged pulled the trigger!

People tried hard to figure our what their fall out was about with many concluding that maybe Tory had paid her money to change the story and that is why they fell out!

Well allegedly Tory Lanez bodyguard has been recorded revealing who shot the female rapper and the twist just became a maze if anything!

According to him, the gun used to shoot Megan first of was his! Okay! Secondly, he says that he was standing outside the SUV when the entire thing went down!

So he is positioning himself as a witness or close observer to the entire melee! He then says the who fight erupted after Megan found out that Tory was messing with her best friend too!

This would mean Tory Lanez was getting intimate with the two ladies at the same time and had brought them to Kylie’s party at the same time!

So the argument ensued over Tory’s questionable behavior between Tory and Megan! Her best friend joined in the argument and began fighting for the gun with Tory!

Now while they are fighting, Megan proceeded to get out of the vehicle and that is when the gun went off and a bullet grazed Megan’s foot!

The bodyguard proceeds to call Megan a liar over claims that she got hit several times in the leg and maintains that she was only grazed by a bullet.

That would explain Tory’s rhymes in his new album where he raps how do you know who shot you when you had your back turned on me!

It could explain that it is true the gun may have been in the hands of Tory and Megan’s best friend and so it went off but at that point it would be difficult to tell who pulled the trigger and especially if you weren’t looking!

Now all this while, apparently Kylie is still in the pool chilling having no care in the world until the gun goes off!

This is crazy ain’t it! Well chek out the audio below and let us know in the comments down below what you think!

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