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Towards The End It Had Gotten So Bad For Chadwick Boseman He Could Not Walk

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Guys we are have received an exclusive on some more details on Chadwick Boseman and what he went through was really bad.

According to our source, it had gotten so bad towards the end for our hero Chadwick that he could no longer walk and was bed ridden.

In fact our little birdie says that Chadwick even though alert had been placed on palliative care by his doctor as the end approached and mostly was on morphine for pain every 2 hours.

We are told Boseman had been on a end of life care plan for a few months when the doctors concluded that nothing else could be done for him!

Black panther lost so much weight he almost was a shadow of himself. He could not eat much towards the end.

What he had found in his wife Taylor Simone Ledward is a caring woman who took care of him during his end of life journey.

We are told she was by his side every waking hour ensuring that he was comfortable and well taken care of to the end. She was her personal carer closely consulting with his doctors.

Chadwick Boseman ended his career sometime in May and resigned every role he had and remained home taking care of himself.

Before he was confined to a wheelchair, we are told he loved to go for walks either with his dog or his wife and used the time to reflect on his life.

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We are told he spend much of his time earlier in the year reading a lot. He loved to read books on black heroes of the past time just as he loved portraying them on the screen.

You won’t believe this but our little birdie tells us that he also watched his movies and spend time critiquing  them and noting where he could have done better if he were to do them again.

Even as time progressed and his disease took a hold of him, we are told Boseman remained steadfast in his love for his wife and even as he let most of his other things go like the walks, the reading and sometimes some TV, he wanted his wife by his side the entire time.

What a life. This man lived his life to the fullest and had the best out of life. We will always remember him.

Even through it all, we are told Chadwick had hope he could still beat the cancer and looked forward to getting back on his normal schedule and doing what he loved. It is sad that moment never came!

Check out some of the pictures of T’Challa below. But still the strongest man we have ever seen even in his most weakest point.

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