January 27, 2022

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‘Trading Spaces’ Star Genevieve Gorder Has COVID-19 & Got double vaccinated

Genevieve Gorder just disclosed that she is battling COVID-19.

On social media, the 42-year-old interior designer posted a photo of herself in bed and said she was on “day 5” of the illness.

Gorder went on to say that she had a double dosage of the Pfizer vaccination in March but still got the Delta coronavirus.

Gorder captioned the photo, “As a youngster with asthma, an adult with autoimmunity, covid was not something I took lightly.”

“We were, in fact, more cautious than anyone I knew. But here I am, after getting doubly vaccinated (Pfizer) in March. And guys, Delta is a b*#•h!” she said.

Gorder, who suffers from asthma and two autoimmune illnesses, stated the next day that she was feeling “better” and went into further detail about how the virus is impacting her physically.

“Nights are awful, lotta upper respiratory coughing,” Gorder, who rose to fame as a member of the cast of “Trading Spaces,” said in an Instagram video.

“I have a 99.5-100 fever all the time,” she continued. “I haven’t had much energy, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Gorder urged her 177k followers to receive the vaccination in both postings, claiming that she believes it saved her life since she had a weakened immune system.

“I’d be lying in that hospital bed.” Gorder explained, “I’d be the one on a ventilator.”

“I would be the one for whom you are praying.”

Gorder is one of a number of celebrities who have lately announced that they have been vaccinated and are combating COVID-19.

Kevin Connelly, star of “Entourage,” disclosed earlier this month that he and his newborn daughter had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

During a recent podcast interview, Connelly remarked, “It’s hard when your kid is unwell. There’s nothing you can do to help her. She’s doing fine, except for the congestion. However, the fever has subsided.”

A week prior, media star Catt Sadler revealed that despite being completely vaccinated, she had contracted COVID-19.

Sadler stated, “Delta is tenacious and very contagious, and it took ahold of me even after I was vaccinated.”

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