January 24, 2022

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Travis Scott Denies ‘Demonic Ritual’ Following Astroworld Disaster Where 10 Died

A number of music fans started spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation after the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Houston, Texas.

During the event a deadly crowd surge resulted in ten people losing their lives, insinuating that it was a “satanic ritual.”

The conspiracy heads pointed to specific imagery that appeared on the big screen during Travis Scott’s performance, including a message saying “See you later.”

Travis Scott while breaking his silence in first interview since the tragedy, Charlemagne Tha God asked him about his “roller-spin of emotions.”

“This was not a demonic ritual as some have speculated,” Travis said during his interview with the Breakfast Club presenter. He also denied the idea of his music inciting violence.

“I don’t believe that my music is to blame for the deaths of 10 people at my show,” Travis remarked when asked about the incident.

“I don’t know. First and first, I’m a follower of Christ, therefore that’s the most important thing to keep in mind. That’s all for today. Your music is simply a means of expressing yourself. I think that during these events, people look at stuff and, if you’ve gone to Travis gigs, there have been different levels of shows. Misconceptions and misinterpretations are probably to blame for people’s misunderstandings. As a musician, I’ve always taken great satisfaction in my ability to evolve from where I was in the beginning to where I am today, so yeah, I just believe people need to experience it. As soon as they heard about it, people started flocking to see for themselves. For those that truly believe in me and understand what I’m about and what I’m doing, they realise that’s not the message I am trying to convey to the outer world. My motto is “love and understanding,” and I constantly tell my students to “take care of your loved ones,” as well. Loving each other is the most important thing you can do in life. Get your thoughts out there and don’t allow yourself to be stopped. Step into the love you have for one another.”

As a result, Charlamagne challenged Travis on the explanation he gave, claiming that Travis’ music encourages violence at his gigs. Because “that’s really what everyone is talking about,” opined the radio presenter.

In Travis’s view, “I think most of the music, to me, sometimes talks about what I see during the gigs,” he remarked.

“…it’s all in the energy, man. However, the energy must not be used to engage in ultraviolent behaviour or cause harm to one another.”

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