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Trinity The Young Girl Video Taped Being Abused By Her Father Rescued And In Safer Place

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Recently, footage surfaced of a married couple going on Instagram Live, with the father abusing his daughter while the stepmother recorded the incident.

The daughter, whose name is Trinity, allegedly stole, and the father took the instance to discipline her.

In the footage, the father could be seen at one point, physically dragging the girl as she tried to run away after being smacked by the stepmother.

From there, the father put the girl on the ground and held her arms down as he screamed in her face.

The footage has since then gone viral, with celebrities like Lil Scrappy posting the footage to bring awareness to the situation so authorities can find the parents.

We later saw that the girl may have found a safe haven with an auntie and was doing okay. We hope this is handled and this girl gets a chance to be happy at life and enjoy being young and making mistakes.

And to all the cats out there mistreating their kids, mehn you need to have sit down with yourself and realize that you are only hurting yourself when you violate your own kids.

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