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Trump Shows Up For A Presser With A Swollen Face After What Appears To Have Been A Fall

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Only Trump and God know what he has been through with Covid-19.

The president since returning to White House from his hospital stay at Walter Reed Military Medical Centre had maintained a low profile until now!

We may know the reason why and he may have let the cat out of the bag with his quick return to the glaring cameras!

The President showed up for a presser with a swollen face and extra make-up probably to cover bruising he attained which is clear indication he may have had a fall!

One of the vivid symptoms of Covid is challenges with breathing, and if vitals become too poor one might loose their consciousness!

That is why patients stay at hospital to ensure their close monitoring and to mandarin their safety!

But with Trump almost discharging himself from hospital and with minimal clarity on how he was going to be monitored with White House noting that he was going to remain in close contact with his doctor, things might have gotten out of hand a little for the man!

With White House largely deserted after most people tested positive to coronavirus and only having almost a quarter of his staff around, Trump was almost looking after himself!

Now whether his fall was hidden from the public or not remains a question but what is undeniable is the swollen chick bone on his left side and it is identical to the injury one get after falling head first and mostly when out of consciousness!

Check out the video below and notice the swelling and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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