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Trump’s Arrogance & Stupidity’ May Lose Him The Election Despite Somewhat ‘Supreme Record’

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Joe Biden will likely win the 2020 presidential election due President Donald Trump’s own incompetence.

“This an unusable election for Donald Trump which he is going to lose through his own arrogance and stupidity,” he told MM.

“This man’s policy record is superb look at what he’s doing in the Middle East, the economy, jobs, you just go on and on.”

Mr Kroger echoed former US ambassador Joe Hockey in saying “what the electorate wants in Trump’s policies with Biden’s persona”.

“[Biden was] dead on his feet in the middle of February, and this man is going to come back and probably win the presidency tonight,” he said.

He said Mr Trump could still win another four years in the White House, however, because of the “shy Trump voter effect” meaning he could have a stronger base than polls are picking up because Republican supporters were scared of receiving negative backlash.

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