TV Commercial Spokesperson For Trivago Has Been Charged With DWI

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An actor well known in American households as the TV commercial spokesperson for Trivago has been charged with a DWI.

Houston police say they found Tim Williams, 52, passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle with his foot on the brake in a moving lane of traffic at around 3.15pm on Wednesday.

According to reports Williams failed a field sobriety test and was booked into Harris County Jail, where he agreed to do a blood test.

According to court records, Williams was ordered to have a mental health or intellectual disability assessment before being released on $100 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 17.

Williams is best known as the face of Trivago, having appeared in numerous commercials advertising the travel price-comparison company since 2014.

The actor urges viewers to ‘find the ideal hotel for the best price.’ It’s unclear if he will remain the face of the travel site following his arrest.

‘At this stage, we do not have the full details of the situation, but we want to make clear that Trivago treats such incidents very seriously and strongly condemns drinking and driving, which poses a risk to others and goes against the Trivago culture,’ a Trivago spokesperson said to CNN.

In addition to being the pitchman for Trivago, Williams is an actor and country musician. He’s acted in a number of minor roles over the past three decades on shows like The Sopranos, Law & Order, Valkyrie and Labyrinth of Lies.

After moving to Germany for acting work, he auditioned for a voice-only role in a commercial for Trivago, which is a German-based website. During a second audition he was put him on camera, and he’s been the face of the company for the five years since.

In addition to his TV work, Williams is a musician who released a country album entitled Magnolia City, an ode to his hometown Houston, in August 2018.

He started playing guitar as a child, inspired by bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and KISS.

He attended Robert E Lee High School in Houston and went on to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and pursue a career in acting before moving to Berlin, where’s he’s lived for the last 14 years, according to Chron.

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