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Two Sisters Arrested After They Stubbed Security Guard 27 Times After He Told Them To Wear Masks

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On Sunday, two Chicago women were been arrested for holding down a man and stabbing him dozens of times in a neighborhood shoe store.

21-year-old Jessica Hill and her 18-year-old sister, Jayla Hill, had arrived at a shoe store where a security guard greeted and asked them to put on their face mask and use the hand sanitizer placed at the front of the store.

Officials say that the sisters refused and started a verbal argument with the 32-year-old man.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the sisters picked up a trash can and “smashed” it in the security guard’s face, afterwards she began punching him.

Once the altercation became physical, Jessica Hill pulled a knife from her back pocket and began stabbing the man while her sister Jayla Hill grabbed his hair and held him in place.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Jessica Hill stabbed the man at least 27 times in the back, arms, and chest while the guard and assistant store manager asked them to stop.

Prosecutors say that after the guard became free the sisters started to kick him in the head and body.

Surveillance camera footage in the store captured the entire incident.

Judge Mary Marubio said Tuesday, “It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying.” She ordered that the sisters be held without bail on attempted murder charges

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