Tyler The Creator Trolls Dj Khaled With His Opinion Over His New Album Igor And It’s A Classy Response

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Tyler The Creator is taking it easy even as Dj Khaled continues to apply the pressure over him beating his new album on the billboard’s chart!

The beef began after Dj Khaled’s new ablum “Father Of Asahd” premiered on Billboards at number two as opposed to what the producer expected; the top spot!

It quickly emerged that Tyler The Creator’s new album “IGOR” beat Khaled for the top spot! This made the Deejay go ballistic with reports indicating that he went from positive vibes to all kinds of negativity real quick!

Well Khaled even came out with a video calling Tyler’s new album a mystery and wondered who was listening to it because he couldn’t hear it anywhere!

But Tyler seems to be unfazed by the drama as he responded to Khaled with a Classy one also posing the questions who listens to him! LOL!

Check out Tyler’s response below and let us know on whose side you are on and do you think these two are about to keep it going or Khaled will back out?

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