January 24, 2022

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Tyra Banks Catches The Dreaded ‘Internet Heat’ After It Came Out She Paid Models $40 Per Day On ‘America’s Next Top Model’

While Tyra Banks was raking in the dough, the competitors on “America’s Next Top Model” were left with nothing.

Sarah Hartshorne, 34, an ANTM cycle nine alum and former plus-size model, alleged to MM that she and her fellow contestants were not compensated for their participation.

When she was cast on the programme, the Heath, Massachusetts native turned New Yorker said, “We were given a $38 daily cash allowance that we had to utilise to buy for our own meals.”

She said that she was just 18 when she was placed on the show. “On top of that, they didn’t even provide us with a microwave to heat up the meal.”

Banks, who earned a whopping $30 million in one year as the creator and host of the competition reality series The CW’s Top Model was targeted by some of the harshest criticism for allegedly building up an enormous fortune on the backs of young, underpaid aspiring models.

It’s “pretty disgusting” that “ANTM” contestants were paid $40 every episode while Tyra and the judges were earning “BANK,” according to one outraged fan of the cancelled reality programme, which followed fashion aspirants as they aggressively competed against one another in the pursuit of supermodel superstardom.

Among other things, another Banks critic suggested that a #SurvivingTyraBanks series be produced to expose the veteran CoverGirl for the “heinous s–t she did on #ANTM.”

Another Banks critic suggested that the veteran CoverGirl face a televised reckoning similar to that faced by accused sexual predators R. Kelly and Jeff Epstein.

Banks, who is no stranger to strong online ire, has already apologised for some of the “very odd decisions” she made while serving as commander-in-chief of the “ATNM” military operation.

After opponents on Twitter criticised her for criticising cycle six winner Danielle Evans, 36, who declined to have reconstructive dental operations in order to become “more marketable” in mainstream media, she issued a social media apology in May 2020.

It was written by her: “I’ve been reading the postings criticising the insensitivity of certain former ANTM events, and I agree with you.”

“With hindsight, they were some very poor decisions. I appreciate your candid criticism, and I’m sending you a lot of love and virtual hugs in return.”

In addition, although Hartshorne who was forced to chop off her chest-length hair during her arbitrary “ANTM” beauty transformation was one of the few contestants who actually liked their “Top Model” makeover, she was dissatisfied with the alleged mistreatment she and her fellow castmates were subjected to by the show’s production crew.

“We were kept in the dark about practically everything by production in order to keep us on our toes. The fact that we were confused, fatigued, anxious, sleep-deprived, and hungry only served to make for greater television,” she stated.

“It was impossible to predict where we would end up at any given moment. They would transfer us from place to place in a van with no windows, and we would be forced to deal with every circumstance completely unprepared and out of our element.”

During the production of the show, Hartshorne and the other model hopefuls were allegedly prohibited from communicating with specific members of their respective families.

In addition to signing hundreds of contracts, including non-disclosure agreements, she remembered that “production” required her to do so.

“And everybody with whom we wished to speak on the phone outside of the programme was had to sign the NDA as well. My grandfather refused to sign it, so I was unable to communicate with him throughout the weeks we were filming.”

The seventh episode of Hartshorne’s cycle was the last episode in which she was eliminated from competition. She then decided to give up modelling and pursue a career as a stand-up comedian.

Despite her assertions, Banks reiterated that being a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” did not necessarily open doors in the modelling industry for many contestants.

She also stated that she does not maintain contact with the show’s contestants or winners after the show’s production is completed.

“Prospective models get a taste of what they may anticipate if they want to make it in the profession,” she says.

Hartshorne feels sympathetic to the herd of models who were left traumatised by their “Top Model” experience, despite the fact that she harbours no ill will against Banks or the show.

Despite the fact that she herself has no regrets about being on the program, she knows that many others have, and she acknowledges that she understands their perspective.

“For the most part, we did not have the platform or the courage to speak out for ourselves or to quit the programme at that time. But I’m hoping that this Twitter reckoning will resonate with those who have wronged us.”

Representatives for Banks did not immediately reply to MM’s request for comment on her most recent digital criticism of the media.

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