Ugly god On A Seafood Mukbang Destroying Sushi Or Did He?!

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Life has its ups and downs. Aware of this reality, Ugly God titled his debut album Bumps & Bruises.

“Everybody has their bumps and bruises,” says the 22-year-old rapper, who had 100 of his songs held for ransom earlier this year. People go through shit.” An obstacle he had recently been faced with and had to get through was eating as much sushi as possible for XXL’s All You Can Eat mukbang series.

The shirtless Ugly God, who has shed 40 pounds over the course of the last 12 months and isn’t afraid to flex it, tasted (and spit out) various pieces of uncooked fish, while discussing his debut album, the meaning of his newly coined genre “slidery” and why Pi’erre Bourne is a legend in his book.

“I always had thought that it was always some fucking raw meat in there,” he admits of his preconceived notions of sushi. “I’m like I’m not eating raw meat, but they actually had cooked shit, so I tried it.”

Although he had already been familiar with the Japanese dish when paired with cooked items for over a year now, Ugly God’s “sushi cypher” features a bunch of raw seafood.

Often raw and uncut in the music he crafts, the “Lost in the Sauce” artist could barely stomach it all—except for the shrimp tempura, his favourite. Ugly God is officially in comeback season mode. Back in October, he promised that Bumps & Bruises would be a smooth listen.

Arriving this week, the 14-track project, which took the Texas native two years to create, features collaborations with rappers Takeoff and Wintertime, as well as its fair share of slidery.

“You gotta have a smooth ass beat, you gotta ride that hoe and snap the whole time,” he says as he explains how to create slidery vibes.

The “Water” rapper, who relied on the sonic backdrops provided by beatsmiths AltoBritz and Whethan, among others for the slidery found on Bumps & Bruises, also explained why Pi’erre Bourne is his favourite producer.

He a legend to me. That nigga changed the whole sound of hip-hop,” says Ugly God, who also considers the “Magnolia” hitmaker one of his favourite artists.

Along with his new album, will be heading out on a 14-city tour kicking off in September.

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