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USPS Forced To Apologize After Getting Customer’s Parcel Destroyed

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USPS send a letter to a customer whose parcel got destroyed after it was mishandled in their warehouses.

When one uses their services of course in their mind they expect that they will receive their products or parcels that they hire USPS to bring to them to arrive in good order.

In this case, the customer had bought a pair of Nikes and was expecting them as usual to receive them in good condition but only to receive them completely destroyed but with a letter!

The letter apologized for ruining his shoes and offered an explanation on what happened, but it didn’t seem to offer a remedy for the customer and that is what caught my eye!

Because in such an eventuality although one has insurance on their parcel, USPS should at least be held accountable for such actions that have left many writhing in pain after their products were destroyed.

In actual sense we understand that there are thousands everyday who receive such letters. Which means something is broken at USPS and it’s either because they know nothing will happen or they will not be directly held responsible hence they almost don’t care attitude!

How do you destroy some several hundreds of dollars product and all you do is apologize and move on! Then proceed to do it again the next day to another person and another and another!

But anyway, check out this guy’s shoes and the letter he got.

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