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Vanessa Bryant Gives Meek Mill A Dress Down Over His Infamous Kobe Bryant Lyrics


Meek Mill thought he had gotten away with his bars about Kobe Bryant but it would seem they may have cut deeper and hurt his family directly!

Vanessa Bryant took to her IG with a castigating message for the Philly rapper that just showed how seriously his bars had hurt the family!

In a formal address, the letter starts by “Dear Meek Mill!”

It goes on to outline the bars which she attached together with her letter and she noted that she finds the bars insensitive and disrespectful. Period.

She adds that she is not familiar with his music but he could have done better.

She goes on to tell Meek if he is a fan that’s ok but he could have found a better way to show admiration for her late husband!

She ends the letter by telling Meek Mill he lacked respect and tact.

Meek in response says he is not going to respond in public to Vanessa because he apologized in private.

But he also tweets that he is going back to being a savage F your feelings!

Which to us is direct response to Vanessa and that he will continue writing his lyrics how he feels them and won’t care what people think anymore!

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